The Boston Globe: Amy Grant is here to help (Benefit Concert for HFC 10/18)

The Boston Globe: Amy Grant is here to help (Benefit Concert for HFC 10/18)

“Grant will headline a concert that benefits the Natick-based charity Hope for the Children of Haiti (, which operates an orphanage and school in Port-au-Prince as part of its mission. “Whew, what a great organization,” said Grant. “I wasn’t familiar with it before I came on board to do this show, but I love being a part of it.” The faith-based organization, which has operated for more than 20 years, is looking to raise money to improve its facilities and expand its mission.”

SoulFest Loves Moms

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This Mother’s Day weekend, we’re sharing stories from the mothers who have attended, shaped, and influenced SoulFest. For all the music and concerts we bring to New England, moms are the real rockstars.

SoulFest Attendee

”As a mom who loves to worship, I was excited to hear about Soulfest 21 years ago. After our first Soulfest, we were hooked!  Every year since, we have set that time aside to go to Soulfest to do what we were created to do….worship our Creator. It was important to me that my children and grandchildren have a place to worship God in freedom with others outside of the four walls of church.  Our 2 youngest children, Abbie and Andrew (who were 5 and 6 when they first attended SF, would always bring a friend with them and sometimes, we were blessed to bring our grandchildren.  

Little did we know that Soulfest 2006 would be Andrew’s last year for Soulfest as he passed  away the following spring.  We were blessed to find Andrew’s Soulfest pledge that he signed that year and was able to display it at the cross where we got to share Andrew’s story to others.  Andrew has continued to be involved with Soulfest through the Foundation established in his memory.  Our daughter, Abbie, later moved to Kansas City where she is a part of a 24/7 prayer and worship ministry.  We have been blessed to bring not only our own children and grandchildren to Soulfest for the past 21 years, but also other children.  I have felt like a “mother hen” to many which has been the greatest call on my life——Mom/Meemaw.  And my greatest joy has been to watch these young ones worshiping Jesus in total abandonment.  It just seems to make everything in my world right.”


SoulFest Attendee

"The Soulfest festival has been a summer staple for me and my family for the past 14 years! And something we all look forward too every year. It is amazing to think of all the memories surrounding our time on the mountain, breaking away from the everyday, the tech, the busyness, to be there enjoying God’s creation and worshiping Him together. Seeing my toddlers dancing in the grass, playing on the blankets, listening to the music under the stars. Now to see the excitement of my teenagers getting to see their favorite musician, meeting up with friends, sitting out by the campfire. It is a blessing that we have this time to look forward to each year."


SoulFest Graphic Designer

"I've been a part of the SoulFest staff as a graphic designer since the Spring of 2012, and have since helped put on the last 7 SoulFests, with the last two SoulFests being a mom. One of the greatest blessings about being a part of the SoulFest staff is how family-centered it is. Once we are onsite in preparation and running of the festival, it is quite intense and very busy for staff, it's long days with a constant push and need to be flexible. But in the midst of all the rush of putting on SoulFest, there is the overarching atmosphere of family, which made having my daughter onsite with me not only a possibility but a welcomed option. It enabled me to still get to help put on New England's premier Christian music festival, but with my daughter by my side. There were definitely moments of craziness, haha, when I would be needing to get a design project done and submitted asap but then have a tired and hot toddler eager to want to escape the hustle of the office and run around. But there was always such grace from everyone for me to be able to stop for a few moments to take care of her - I never felt pressure to have to choose work over taking care of my daughter - and I'm so grateful for that. Plus, we were surrounded by an amazing group of hard working people that were always more than willing to entertain her for me while I finished up a project, she is pretty darn cute after all and who could resist that ;) I'm so very thankful for the SoulFest family that really does live out love in action so well."


Mother of Dan Russell, Producer of SoulFest

”On so many occasions my mom admonished me and encouraged me to shape SoulFest the way it has been shaped. Many SoulFest staff and volunteers as well as artists and speakers grew to know and love my mom. She reflected God’s unconditional love to me.  I will forever draw from the experiences and beautiful wisdom of my mother.” - Dan Russell


Are you a mother who has been impacted by SoulFest one way or another? We’d love to hear your story. Send us an email with the subject line “My SoulFest Story” to

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