I want to live from the inside out as a soul-connected, risk-taking follower of Jesus. With the help of God and my friends, I pledge to live the revolution Jesus started, one day at a time… because eternity begins today:

1. With Jesus and myself:
I will further develop my intimate relationship with God by nurturing my soul, heart and mind and body, intellectually, and devotionally. I will take time to allow God to minister to my soul in silence, in prayer, in meditation, in music, and in the word.

2. With my family and loved ones: Charity will flourish in my actions and with my words, I will love my family, my spouse, my children, my brothers, my sisters, my parents, and all those who share my home.

3. With my neighbors: The people who live next to me, across the street and down the block. I will meet them, get to know them, serve them, and love them, in action and in words.

4. With my community: I will use my gifts and talents to serve my community by serving those whom Jesus commands us to serve. Whether in a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, senior center, big brother/big sister program, prison ministry, local school, library, or any other point of need, I will commit to at least 2 hours of volunteer service each month.

5. With our church fellowship: I will commit to serve my brothers and sister unselfishly, allow Christ to use me to build his church and not try to make it mine. I will be more giving of my time, gifts and resources, to help the church be the body Christ calls us to be to each other and the world.

6. With my fellow inhabitants of this global village: I will regard each one as my neighbor. I will respond to those in need wherever they may live. I will work for peace, justice, and reconciliation wherever they are needed and I will give of my time, talent, and resources to lift up, encourage, and support anyone God brings across my path, regardless of race, religion, or class

7. With God’s creation: I will intentionally accept the responsibility to be a steward of this beautiful earth God has blessed us with. I pledge myself to leave it better than when I found it, locally, nationally, and throughout the world.

I will…

  • Stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves

  • Support the sanctity of life everywhere

  • Build relationships that reflect Jesus’ priorities for all God’s purposes

  • Fight against powers and principalities

  • Become more aware of, educated about, and responsive to all indignities and injustices that enslave those who are weaker and who suffer from extreme poverty

  • Not be silent or passive, because these crimes are so great an atrocity against the image of God

Today, this is my pledge to pursue True Love and live the revolution Jesus started.